For B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) Founders above $15K/mo in revenue:
...without raising capital or being involved in the day to day operations of your business.
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In this call we'll analyse your business and find out if and how we can help you increase your profits and decrease your workload. In case we you are a fit to work together, we'll provide you with an offer.

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➡️ What it will do for you:

1) Remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of the business and build autonomous teams that know exactly what to do and how to do it without your presence.

2) Delegate responsibilities and empower people to grow & succeed by creating a strong team of leaders that will grow the business for you.

3) Turn your business from a job that you "like" into a passive income asset that generates dividends for the years to come. Thus, allowing you to have the time, energy and financial freedom to really pursue your heart's calling.

➡️ How we'll work togheter:

1) The Profit Secrets Method focuses on implementing 3 systems: the $1.2M Sales System, the Team Management System, the Leadership Development System, and the Business Planning with OKRs system.

2) A done-with-you implementation program designed to help you implement the systems that will allow you to scale your team, operations and remove yourself from the day-to-day without losing money.

3) Dedicated acceleration coach and experts, ready to help you and your team implement a world-class system to build and scale your business with more profits and less effort than ever before.

➡️ How it works:

1) Book a call with us below. We'll prepare a presentation custom-made for your business needs & goals.

2) In case we decide to work together, we'll get you onboarded & have our team implement the systems within weeks. You'll be able to easily scale your team & operations, and work less without the chaos and financial risk.That's a promise you can hold us accountable to. 

3) Our service-based guarantee will make sure you get a substantial ROl on your investment or you pay us nothing.

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How Can We Help Your SaaS Business Grow

For yourself, as an entrepreneur

  • ​Increase your business's net profits by up to 50%
  • Move faster and save more (life)time until now and the moment you become financially free
  • Reduce work & financial stress, become more effective and happy at the end of the day

For your business, as an asset

  • Create more predictability and realise your profit goals
  • Build it to sell it: by adding structure and improving profits you can one day sell your business for it's real worth
  • Build a business that works for you, not an ok-paying job

For your team and coworkers

  • Build (and keep) a team of A players that are loyal to you and your company
  • Improve team productivity, retention and overall happiness
  • Independent people that get results without you needing to be there, day to day
The 3 step approach will help you:
Increase Profits by 2x, Decrease Workload by 15h - 20h/week 
WITHOUT being involved in the day to day operations
From the founder,
Ramon Nastase
My name is Ramon Nastase, I’m from Romania (aka. The place of Transylvania & Dracula). 

Yep, that place. I'm an entrepreneur, author of 5 books, and a specialist in SaaS growth consulting.

15 years ago, I started my IT career in computer networking, Linux, and cybersecurity, and became Romania’s national champion in computer networking (Cisco). 

8 years ago, I shifted to being a business owner, teaching tech skills like programming, networking, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking.

Initially, I embraced the hustle culture, working 60-80 hours a week. This led to burnout, financial mismanagement, and personal struggles. 

Realizing this wasn't sustainable, I re-evaluated my time and responsibilities, implemented better organization, and delegated tasks to my team.

I now work about five hours a week, overseeing the business while my team handles operations. 

This journey taught me valuable lessons in business strategy, financial management, and team management, which I’m excited to share. 

By empowering my team, we all work less and achieve more, striving for balanced, fulfilling lives.

This helped me take my cybersecurity consulting business from 15K/mo to 100K/mo in only 7 months, while having only 2 full-time people on my team.

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